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About C.I.A. Recovery

          CIA Recovery is a small yet very thorough repossession company. All of our cases are put into a system so that all of our recovery agents and office personnel have access to information about your case in a real time manner. CIA Recovery utilizes RDN which stands for Recovery Database Network, to work and manage all of our cases that we have. We run DMV reports as well as skip reports prior to assigning any cases to our No Hassle recovery agents. All of our office staff are trained in skip tracing and know how to find those hard to find debtors. Our trucks are also equipped with lap tops so that our recovery agents can update their Company cases as they run them. Our office personnel looks over the updates as they are received in hopes of obtaining new information that might be useful in the recovery of your collateral. Once the updates are reviewed we then forward our findings and progress to the client so they can review it either by email which we prefer or fax. You should never wonder what is going on with your cases.We update the cases every couple of days so you are not left in the dark. We can pull up cases in our system and give you information anytime you request it even when the case has been closed. Our agents are very well-trained for your protection as well as ours. All employees undergo training programs to keep them informed and up to date on all laws and procedures. Many times we identify a potential problem prior to the recovery by taking pictures or video of the recovery to avoid possible lawsuits, etc. We store your car and provide you with pictures, condition report and invoice in a timely manner so you don’t have to wait to close out the case on your end. We have very good relationships with all the auctions and transport companies and, make it easy for them to pick up from us pretty much on a 24-hour basis. However, we do have set hours for debtors to redeem personal property. We also have DRN cameras and are Cars certified. We make sure all of our employees are trained and knowledgeable this is what sets us apart from other companies. Thank you and, we look forward to doing business with you.

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  1. sandy

    I just want to say-I enjoy working with CIA–everyone that I have spoke with even if it has been just 1 time has always came thru for me and my company. TAMMY is the best.

    They have picked up accounts i have sent to them that have been out with other repo companies and are like 150 days past due…either the same day or a couple days after assigned…..

    they get 5 stars and as much work as I am allowed to send them….

    love you guys…thank you for all your hard work on my stuff

  2. Kenneth Kelley

    My name is Kenneth kelley I worked for CIA and I would like to take a moment to share with you.. I’ve worked for other companies where the bosses didn’t care for you at all and made it nearly impossible for you to move forward and always held you back. I spoke with Me.Don he put me to work and I would say there the best to work for real nice people and treats there employees great compared to bosses I’ve had in the past. I would have to say if I had it my way I will be working with them the rest of my life no doubt. Great team of people I would recommend CIA Recovery over any other companies!!!

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